Corfu 2015

Retreat Vipassana light. October 10-17, 2015, Corfu, Greece.
Teacher Henk Barendregt.

Schedule: Meditation (sitting and walking) 06:00-13:30 (breaks for breakfast and tea-coffee). In the afternoon one can walk, go to the beach, read, or meditate more. After dinner there is a daily dhamma talk. Participants have daily private interviews (10 min.) during which teacher encourages progress. English spoken.  Questions and interview can be in Dutch, German, French, or Italian. Respecting noble silence 23:00-13:45.

Meditation style: Mahasi Sayadaw: walking meditation and sitting meditation focussing on raising and falling of the abdomen, towards the increase of wholesome mind-states and the decrease of unwholesome ones (sessions of 45min follow each other). One learns to deal with changes in life in a mild peaceful manner. See link above right “Theoretical background”, used for a course in Roma.

The five living advises. Being respectful towards life, possessions, sexuality (for the retreat: a friendly a-sexual attitude if one comes as single; couples are asked not to show intimacy in public), speech (in the mornings there is noble silence, in the afternoon one speaks truth and respectfully, without gossiping); no alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (medicines excepted; coffee is allowed).

Period. Retreat starts on Saturday October 10 with an evening meal.
The retreat ends on Saturday October 17 in the morning.

Location. Agios Georgios North Pagi, 49083 Corfu, Greece.
Meditation mats and pillows available.

Prices. Full pension per person for 7 days (prices in Euros):
475 (twin room) or 575 (single room).

Dana. These prices cover your room, full pension, and the sojourn and travel of the teacher. The teachings are traditionally on dana (generosity) base. At the end of the retreat participants are given the opportunity to practice generosity towards the teacher.

Arrival. To be organised by participants. Nearest airport Kratikos (Corfu). Alternatively one may arrive by ferry from Igoumenitsa (Greece), Bari, Brindisi and even Ancona or Venezia (Italy; the latter three via Igoumenitsa), or Saranda (Albania) to the capital Kerkira. From there to the center 32km by taxi costs about 60E, which can be shared with maximally 4 persons. Ryanair, Transavia, and Aegean fly to Corfu. Transfers from airport to center for 15E/person may be requested.

Maximum number of participants 20. Registration (validated after down-payment).

Organisation. By Manto. Information on availability here.