Fara Sabina arrival

To go to Monastero delle Clarisse Eremite at Fara (in) Sabina is easy.

Public transport. There is a direct train (departing every 15 minutes, ride lasting 90 minutes; price 5.00E in 2011) from airport Roma Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci airport) to Orte (some trains only to Fara Sabina): line FR1 stopping at various stations in Roma and going to station Fara Sabina – Montelibretti (see station schedule below). Note: this is not Piana Bella di Montelibretti and on the train schedule below it is indicated simply as “Fara Sabina”; there you actually are in a town called Passo Corese! There take the Cotral bus to Fara (in) Sabina (the real one :), not to be confused with Farfa Sabina) for 13 km. Arrived at Fara Sabina it is 350m to the Clarisse monastery on the top of the hill, see map. Bus tickets (1.20E in 2011) to be bought at bar opposite train station. If the bar is closed just go to the bus (around the corner). From Roma Tiburtina train to station Fara Sabina takes 40 minutes. The bus from Passo Corese to the Clarisse monastery in Fara (in) Sabina takes about 25 minutes. Departure times on weekday at 6:50; 9:00; 13:00; 13:40; 15:25; 17:00; 18:00. It may be a good idea to print this information and bring it along.

It is important not to loose the latest bus of 18:00, as there are no taxis in Passo Corese. [The husband of our cook usually can act as a private taxi driver and fetches latecomers for 35E a ride.] From Ciampino airport (where some flights land), first go to Roma Termini train station and from there by metro line B to Roma Tiburtina train station and then take the FR1.


Bus from train station to Fara in Sabina. Walk (350m) from busstop to monastery.

By car. See maps (also with bus-ride).

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In this map A: Roma Tiburtina Station; B: Passo Corese; C: Fara in Sabina.