Ispra November 2014: Cancelled

Three day retreat 20-23 November 2014, directed by Henk Barendregt, English-Italian spoken. Assistance and translation: Christine Meier. More information & registration form to be sent to Laura Modenato. Location: Casa Don Guanella, Barza d’ Ispra, Lago Maggiore, Italy. Retreat with single room and board 510E (no practice of dana).

Ispra @ Lago Maggiore

In our lives we are pushed and pulled to certain directions in our actions.
Sometimes these are wholesome (bringing us balance and joy), sometimes not
(bringing us suffering). Often we cling to the unwholesome actions. Why?

Using vipassana one will examine the inner forces that do this: these are mind-states, all of them determining our behavior. The meditation exercises are for the development of wholesome mind-states and the domestication of the unwholesome ones. It turns out that the unwholesome mind-states are based on wrong view,
that sees our self as something that is fixed forever, whereas we are an intricate process of unpersonal energies. This insight at first is unbearable. Trying to suppress this view brings us suffering. However, it is possible to domesticate the unbearable: seeing through the reifications of mind, body and world, through a full, relaxed, and balanced experience of the groundless ground of our consciousness.

Then one is truly able to change what can be changed,
have patience for what cannot be changed,
and develop wisdom to know the difference between these two.

The retreat combines sitting and walking meditation in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw
with practical instructions and theoretical dhamma talks (English & Italian).