Pelion vipassana-light retreat: July 6-20 (14 days)
directed by Henk Barendregt & Yowon Choi.
Vipassana teaching in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw.
Some experience with vipassana recommended.

This retreat has daily about 6 hours formal meditation,
some working in kitchen, garden or childcare,
possibly 4 hours going to the beach practising the right speech,
interviews and dhamma talk. Children of participants welcome.
Prices: 250-400 E per person per week;
children of 12 and under: half price;
infants of 2 and under: free.
Retreat can be followed for week 1 (6-13 July) and or week 2 (July 13-20).
Meditators staying twee weeks have priority.

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