2016 Vipassana light @ Pelion

Retreat vipassana lightJune 4-14, 2016, Hotel Alexandros, Pelion, Greece.
Teacher Henk Barendregt.

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Meditation style: Mahasi Sayadaw: walking meditation and sitting meditation focussing on raising and falling of the abdomen, towards the increase of wholesome mind-states and the decrease of unwholesome ones. Each session last 45min. One learns to deal with change in life in a peaceful manner. See link above right “Theoretical background”, used for a course in Roma.

The five living advises. Being respectful towards life, possessions, sexuality (for the retreat: a friendly a-sexual attitude if one comes as single; couples are asked not to show intimacy in public), speech (in the mornings there is noble silence, in the afternoon one speaks truth and respectfully, without gossiping); no alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (medicines excepted; coffee is allowed).

Period: Retreat starts Saturday June 4th at 19:00 (or earlier) with registration and an evening meal at 19:30. The retreat ends on Tuesday June 14th at 11:30.

Schedule: Meditation 06:00-13:30 (with breakfast and tea/coffee break). After that lunch and free time to go to the beach, walk, read. Some work meditation in kitchen or garden. When going to the beach one practises the right speech (keeping other four precepts). Daily interviews (possible in Dutch) and dhamma talk in evening.

Location: Attractive Kalikalos Kissos/ Campus Alessandros, Pelion, Greece.
Participants bring their own meditation mat and pillow or bench.

Prices: full pension per person for 10 days: 325E (tent), 400E (triple room), 525E (twin room), 675E (single room). [Prices may change in case of Force Majeure.]
Bursary: In case of financial problems to attend you may apply Alexandros-Kalikalos center for a reduction of the price.

Arrival: travel to nearest airport Volos (alternatives: Thessaloniki or Athens plus busride) to be organised by participants. Pick-up from Volos airport or city bus station may be requested. Maximum number of participants 24.

Registration Via this webform. Instructions how to pay (coming soon).
Organisation: Kalikalos Holistic Holidays.
Email for Information, telephone +30 694 482 2987Facebook.