Pictures Henk Barendregt at a vipassana intensive and vipassana light retreat


Fara Sabina 2013 retreat


Pelion 2014 vipassana light retreat







During a vipassana (intensive) retreat one practices 06:00 – 22:00 (optionally until 23:00) sitting and walking meditation. There are three meals a day. After lunch there is a period of 45 minutes in which one can rest, stroll or practice further. Noble silence is kept throughout the retreat. Reading or using a phone is not allowed. Every day there are interviews, instructions, and one dhamma talk.

During a vipassana light retreat one still practices sitting and walking meditation from 06:00 – 13:30, there are also daily interviews, and there is one hour dhamma talk in the evening. Noble silence 23:00 – 13:45. After lunch one may go to the beach, practise the right speech, read, or stroll. In both types of retreat one practices a friendly a-sexual attitude to each other.

Personal review of the Fara Sabina retreat by one of the participants.

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