Vipassana Retreat @ Fara Sabina 2017

August 19 — September 4 (8 or 16 days)

Location At the Clarisse Monastero at Fara (in) Sabina, Italy, an intensive vipassana retreat a will be held from August 18, 2017, for 8 or 16 days (7 or 15 full days). Arrival only on Friday August 18 or on Saturday August 26: those that arrive on August 18th stay either 8 days until August 26th or 16 days until September 3th. Those arriving on August 26 stay 8 days until the end of the retreat, on September 3th.

Directed by Henk Barendregt, Antonino Raffone, and Mirjam Hartkamp.
Languages: English and Italian; interviews also in Dutch. Experience required (for example a vipassana introduction course).

Meditation style Mahasi Sayadaw: walking meditation and sitting meditation focussing on raising and falling of the abdomen, towards the increase of wholesome mind-states and the decrease and eventual eradication of unwholesome ones (sessions of 45min follow each other). One learns to deal with change in life in a peaceful manner. Theoretical background has been given in an introductory course at Roma Sapienza in 2011. More information about the retreat in English or Italian.

Prices: 420E for 8 days, 700E for 16 days. For this one gets a sojourn in a single room with private bathroom on full pension basis. Payment instructions.

Online registration (opens soon). [Submitting this form indicates intention to participate; after receiving acceptance and having paid your (down)payment the registration is valid.]

Travel: to be organized by the participant. Directions from Roma (and its two airports; from Fiumicino it is more easy) by public transport.

Reviews retreat 2013: personal blog; column Trouw 04.10.2014 (both in Dutch). Facebook.