Vipassana weekend @ Torino

Vipassana 18-19 February, 2017 (versione Italiano)
This form of meditation aims at paying attention to the inner processes that lead to our choices. With this attention we will be better able to let go some of our unwholesome habits, enabling us to follow our creativity and genuine interests, while taking into account the (im)possibilities and the needs of others. This attention requires some training, because our choices are often taken in a fraction of a second, or in other cases over an extended period with unclear motivations. Once we can observe those processes, a wider form of freedom results, enabling greater creativity, friendliness, and compassion.

Sessions of 45 minutes. Languages Italian and English

Teachers: Henk Barendregt and Mirjam Hartkamp

Henk meditates since 1972. First Zen meditation with as teacher Kobun Chino (1938-2002) in Haiku Zendo, Los Altos, and with various teachers in the Zen Mountain Center, Tassajara, both in California. Then from 1979 he practised insight meditation (vipassana) with phra Mettavihari (1942-2007) in the Netherlands. He teaches vipassana since 2001 and guides retreats since 2006 (both intensive and lighter forms). Henk Barendregt is mathematical logician and explains in his meditation lessons that it is both an intuitive and a precise training. Examples (metaphors) often come from the areas of music or science.

Mirjam has been practicing Vipassana intensively since 2009 with vipassana teachers from East and West. She is currently teaching with Henk Barendregt and is teacher in residence of the Dutch Comenius Institute. She has an academic background in art & psycho-therapy, and Buddhist philosophy. She is dedicated to the Dhamma on the level of the personal (practice), interpersonal (teaching & counseling), and impersonal (research), with the aim of deepening liberating knowledge and cultivating compassionate happiness. She co-conducts yearly several intensive retreats. She conducts doctoral research on the effects of meditation at Sapienza University, Rome.

40E for the rent of the space, the lunches, and local costs of the teacher; plus a voluntary amount (dana – generosity) for the teaching. Sojorn to be organised by the participants. Please pay to
Associazione Kado
Banca Prossima, Torino
IBAN:  IT07 L033 5901 6001 0000 0115 874

Registration Filling in this form is preregistration. Acceptance depends on available place and suitability of the meditator. At present there is a waiting list.

Location.  Zerogrammi / Luft casacreativa
Via Monginevro 262, 10142 Torino.

Dates and Times 18-19 February, 2017
09:30-19:30 day 1
09:30-16:30 day 2

InformationFederica Tardito. Her page about the retreat.